Late-2019 to Mid-2020, 1-World Charity Shops, our customers, staff, volunteers and our communities have experienced some major life changing events.


The Coronavirus and Bushfires are only 2 more recent major events that have impacted the lives of Australians. At 1-World Charity Shops, we have worked hard to give back to people, families and communities throughout hard times and will continue to do so.


In the past 6 months, we have directly been impacted by a severe drop in volunteer numbers in our Shops and Warehouses as a result of these recent events. During this time, 1-World Charity Shop team members have stepped up giving hours and hours of their own time. For you all to do this without being asked and putting the Charity, our customers and our communities first. You are all truly amazing people and I thank you all for your dedication, commitment and especially for giving up your time. I look forward to personally thanking you all.


I would also like to thank and express my appreciation to our customers for their amazing support during these tough times. The Browns Plains and Campbelltown Shops are still following social distancing, customer number limits and sanitising procedures. I know that having to wait in line and to follow rules while shopping is frustrating. My sincere apologies to all customers for the inconvenience and frustrations caused by these changes.



I thank you all for your patience and understanding while we all work together for a better future.



Matt Dudgeon

1-World Charity Shops