1-World Charity Shops recognises the need and importance of recycling on the environment with the ever increasing climate change issues we are all  facing. To combat this 1-World has focused on recycling household goods and clothing via the resale through our charity stores for a second life.

Since 2016 1-World has saved in excess of 5,000,000 kilograms of clothing and textiles from landfill with a further 5,000,000 plus kilograms of assorted household goods. Moving forward 1-World Charity Shops is furthering our commitment to a sustainable future with the move to phase out the use of all non sustainable/environmental packaging options by the end of 2023.

To do this 1-World has partnered with Upcycle4Better to upcycle items from waste textiles. This is also inline with a sustainable social environment as the partner employs local disadvantaged staff, upskilling them and giving them a sustainable employment with a wage that can provide. These items are available for purchase through our 1-World Charity Shops. This partnership also repurposes other waste materials for energy, cleaning materials, sports flooring, and much, much more.

1-World is also seeking alternatives to hard waste items through, upcycling and partnerships with other recyclers locally and abroad. 1-World is constantly revising our practices to see how we can improve our environmental and social impact, if you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to call, visit us in-store or message us through the forms provided on this website or social media.

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