1-World Charity Shops

Making a difference…

Step by Step…

1-World Charity Shops are passionate about the World and how we can make a difference. Caring for people and communities, we are proud to have supported more than 20 community organisations in 2017 and plan to support a further 40 groups in 2018.

1-World are making a difference locally and overseas through recycling clothing, and have taken on the challenge of diverting this valuable resource away from landfill, into making a difference in the community.   Read more…

 “It’s about people and community, and making a difference …”

Matt Dudgeon, CEO, 1-World Charity Shops 

Visit our Charity Shop, Grand Plaza Drive, Browns Plains. Quality mens, ladies and kids clothing and shoes at affordable prices.  Weekly specials. 100’s of new items each week.  Rewards Program.  Donation drop-off’s.

1-World Charity Shops operates to support local and overseas community based organisations by promoting local clothing recycling. Community Groups we proudly supported in 2017.

Working with local shopping centres, service stations and childcare centres, 1-World provides convenient collection points to drive local recycling of clothing, shoes, toys, bric-a-brac.