Q2 – 2019 Newsletter

1-World Charity Shops Overseas Projects

Part of the 1-World Charity team recently has an opportunity to visit Vietnam and see the work that is being achieved by Volunteer Vietnam as a result of the support they receive from 1-World Charity Shops.

Volunteer Vietnam work with the Da Nang Support Centre, where they work with a wide range of people in need including the severely disabled, infants and the elderly.

In Da Nang, Volunteer Vietnam also work with a School for the Disadvantaged and the Red Cross Children’s Home. Further away from their base in Da Nang, Volunteer Vietnam work with children’s homes in NaTrang and The Mekong.

We greatly appreciate the support of the community, local businesses, our valued customers and our hardworking volunteers. Without the continued support we receive, we would not be able to offer the ongoing assistance in improving the lives of so many disadvantaged people in Vietnam.

We would love to share some of what you have helped us to achieve.

The School for the Disadvantaged, teaching the students sewing skills, on our visit they were making cushions to use, and also to sell in the community.

The Da Nang Support Centre has received additional funding for new buildings which were well under way when we visited. 1- World is aiming to increase our support to Volunteer Vietnam to enable them to employ more qualified staff who can offer more services as the Support Centre grows.

Nhan Ai Children’s Home, from the money raised through the generosity of our customers we were able to buy much needed supplies, treats and sporting equipment for the children

1-World Charity Shops Local Projects


-Already this year we have been able to support many Logan City & Brisbane Charities.

It is just as important for us to help the people in need, in our community. 1-World Charity Shops are taking bigger steps to increase our support for our local charities . . .

in other words to seriously “Make a Difference”

To find out how you can help your community contact the shop on:

(07)-3800 2064



Coming Up

BOOK FAIR time again, September 25th, 26th & 27th

During the upcoming months we will be fundraising for the Volunteer Vietnam Mekong Delta Project.

The Project is made up of three programs; Improvements to the Hoa Mai Halfway Home for Children.

English lessons at the Bui Thi Xuan Primary School Work at the Local Support Centre.