About Us

At 1-World Charity Shops we start by recognising a need, then taking STEPS to make a difference through the recycling of pre-loved clothing and other items.

1-World Charity Shops is an Australian based charity registered under the Australian Charites and Not-for-profits Commission. 1-World Charity Shops operates to support local and overseas community based organisations by promoting clothing recycling within Australia.

Our Programs

1-World partners with Work Cover, Work for the Dole Programs and Disability Organisations in Brisbane to provide training, coaching and upskilling for the unemployed, helping them to develop confidence and life skills and assist in returning to the workforce. To date, 1-World have helped many unemployed in their return to employment, something we are proud of and looking to continually expand. 1-World provides opportunities for Work Cover placements to gain retail skills and experience whilst recovering from injury.

1-World donates to local community groups each month; groups such as Chicks Conquering Cancer, Family and Child Foundation Co., Prostate Cancer Foundation Qld, and Hummingbird House. Overseas, 1-World proudly support Volunteer Vietnam, and recycles and redirects clothing and shoes to third world communities, positively reducing landfill in Australia.

Ongoing opportunity to make a difference is the motivation behind the expansion of our recycling programs. The more we recycle, the more we can give back to the community through the projects we support.