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1-World make a difference locally and overseas through their clothing recycling programs.  As a Nation, we are consuming and discarding clothing and textiles at an unsustainable rate.  1-World is taking steps to divert this valuable resource into making a difference in the community.  Ongoing opportunity to make a difference to those in need is the motivation behind the expansion of our recycling programs.

“The more we recycle, the more we can give back to those in need”
Matt Dudgeon, CEO, 1-World Charity Shops 



Some 500,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles ends up in land fill every year in Australia.  1-World have taken on the challenge to divert this valuable resource into making a difference through our recycling programs.

Our mission is to partner with businesses by providing the resources and the infrastructure to establish collection points throughout the local community to help drive local recycling.

Australia generates 6000kg of fasion waste every 10 minutes… 





Help us drive local recycling of clothing by hosting a collection unit at your place of work.  Your staff, customers and local community are going to appreciate the convenience of  local drop and it will help drive traffic to your business.  It’s a unique opportunity to make a real difference, and the good new is there is nothing for you to do, we take full responsibility for the servicing and maintaining the collection unit.

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